Welcome on my website.

My name is Gilles Dutilh. I work as a statistician at the clinical trial unit of the Universitätsspital Basel (CTU Basel). Until the end of 2016, I spent my working time as a psychologist. On this site, you mainly find my work as a psychologist, most prominently my publications that would otherwise be behind a journal paywall. My last job as a psychologist was as a postdoc at the department of economic psychology at the University of Basel. My main interests were and are still speeded and risky choice, response time modeling, and multiattribute decision making. In all of my work, I put a lot of effort in applying the most suited, sometimes rather advanced, statistical techniques.

Below, a poster showing seven selfish reasons for preregistration. Click on the poster for the article on APS Observer. For a high resolution pdf of the poster, click here .

gilles curriculum vitae